Welcome to Cyber Management International Corporation


To us, Cyber is no buzzword…it is all of the technology supporting our business, government, and personal information, and we understand how vital it is to integrate security into the overall cyber management schema from design through operations. Information is one of the greatest resources of our time…keeping it flowing and keeping it safe is our mission.


Seasoned Industry Professionals


Our teams leverage extensive experience with essential and emerging technologies to build upon and update trusted best practice standards for a new vision. We lean forward with thought leadership for adapting and redefining core processes to transform Cyber ecosystem architectures for the new realities at the pace of  business evolution.

Strategic Governance, Planning, and Coordination

We specialize in building coalitions across complex organizations aligned to enterprise strategies to achieve measurable success outcomes, bridging key mission essential focus areas of IT Architecture and Cyber Security strategy across business domains.


Business user expectations are evolving. Technology is transforming the way we live and work. Service value delivery demands are increasing in scope and pace. Yet Cyber threats are growing and advancing at an alarming rate. As organizations adopt more agile value delivery models, such as DevOps, and embrace mobile and cloud-based service models, the security industry must adapt rapidly and enable these trends. We provide thought leadership on what is necessary and sufficient for effective security protections tailored to these models. Securing adaptive and location independent IT is not only possible, but essential in the new paradigms.


The IT industry and global business landscape is not static. There will always be change, and the pace is increasing. To support the transformations required, securely engineering and updating our private, hybrid, and public infrastructures, platforms, and applications becomes the enabler for achieving organizational outcomes. Disciplined but agile developmental approaches are achievable, and can deliver on the promises of transformational IT services. The right partnerships bring capabilities as force multipliers for delivering on the promise of transformational emergent IT .


Our expertise in delivering secure solutions  focused on business requirements and tailored to support essential outcomes is enhanced by our experience in optimizing operational orchestration. We embrace measured and responsive IT Service Management and security operations, and bring qualified and certified individuals  including ITIL Expert and IAT/IAM level III staff. Derived from years in Internet Service Providers, large enterprises, and global government agencies – including the DoD, we tailor approaches to optimize industry best practices to consistently deliver user and organizational value.


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